residential pools

What you need to know

Every year Younique Pools remodels hundreds of residential pools. We offer a wide variety of options to our customers such as multiple pool surfaces and colors; we have hundreds of tiles, accessories and options to choose from in our large showroom along with a staff of skilled professionals to diagnose and repair any pool problem.

Pool maintenance service is also offered for residential pools. We currently service hundreds of residential pools from Boca Raton to North Miami Dade. All of our pool technicians are CPOs or Certified Pool Operators, including the Owner. This means that every technician is individually trained to handle pool chemistry and equipment. Younique Pools asks potential customers to please remember that the quality of your pool service directly affects the longevity of your pool and amount of repairs.


what people say about us

“And the ‘Patience Award’ for 2013 goes to: Joey Younes for dealing with Janie Eckhaus throughout her very long pool project:

  • The planning stage and her concerns
  • Her countless phone calls
  • Her endless texts at 7:00 am (you can ‘blame’ Bernardo who taught her how to text 1 year ago and her new iPhone 5 where he can now dictate long texts instead of using her fingers!!)
  • For handling the mistakes of others with expertise
  • For not yelling at Janie when she totally screwed up weeks of chemicals by leaving the hose on all night!
  • For just being ‘The Joey’ who Janie has come to love and respect since 2004”

    -Janie Eckhaus

    “We renovated our whole back yard and added a water feature over a year ago, since then we spend every weekend at home! Joey is awesome and their prices are very reasonable. They are also A+ in Angies’s list, so you can trust them 100%."

    -LUIS D.

    Your Ideal


    Pool chemistry is very important while maintaining your pool. Not maintaining the ideal balance of chemicals could result in deterioration of the pool finish (not covered under the manufacturer warranty), discolorations, and costly repairs.

    Recommended Chemical Levels
    • pH: 7.4 – 7.6
    • Salt: depending on the system
    • Chlorine: 1.0 – 3.0 ppm
    • Total Alkalinity: 80 – 140 ppm
    • Calcium Hardness: 200 – 400
    • Cyanuric Acid: 25 – 50 ppm
    • Total Dissolved Solids: 500 – 5000 ppm

    New pool resurfaces require special care, especially for the first three months. Younique Pools takes precautions during the initial chemical start up to ensure that all chemicals are set to the ideal levels. In addition to our full time pool maintenance service, Younique Pools also offers temporary service for the first three months after the resurfacing of your pool. This relieves our customers from the challenges of maintaining the pool’s sensitive chemistry. The owner opened this company to help you with your pool problems. Whether you are a Younique Pools customer or not, we welcome you to contact us if you need help solving your pool dilemmas.

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